Clinical Neurology and Neuroscience

Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2019

  • Rare Cause of Facial Nerve Palsy (Petrous Apex Cholesteatoma)–Case Report and Review of Literature

    Rauf Ahmed, Owais Makhdoomi, Omar Mohammad Shafi, Faheem Khalid

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2019
    Pages: 1-5
    Received: 9 January 2019
    Accepted: 1 April 2019
    Published: 11 May 2019
    Abstract: The petrous apex is a pyramid-shaped struc­ture that is formed by the medial portions of the temporal bone. It is obliquely positioned within the skull base, with its apex pointing anteromedially and its base located postero­laterally. The petrous apex is bounded by the inner ear structures laterally, the petro-occipital fissure medially, the petro... Show More
  • Hydrocephalus and Spasticity in Motor Area AVM, a Case Report

    Veranis Sotiri, Papageorgiou Demetrios, Mpazinas Theodoros, Lagios Konstantinos

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2019
    Pages: 6-10
    Received: 25 February 2019
    Accepted: 8 April 2019
    Published: 15 May 2019
    Abstract: Obstructive hydrocephalus is a rare complication of brain AVM’s. It usually diagnosed because of posterior fossa AVM’s. This article is about a case of a 40-year-old female patient suffering from a right fronto-parietal unruptured grade IV AVM located in the central sulcus who developed obstructive hydrocephalus and worsening of left sided weakness... Show More
  • Neurological Complications of Myeloproliferative Syndromes with Negative Philadelphia Chromosome (MPS Ph-) in Lome Tertiary Hospital

    Komi Assogba, Kodzo Vinyo Kumako, Kossivi Martin Apetse, Essohana Justin Padaro, Abago Balaka, Abdoullaye Idrissou, Komi Igneza Agbotsou, Nyenèvi Komla Anayo, Abdullah Blakime, Agnon Ayélola Koffi Balogou

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2019
    Pages: 11-15
    Received: 13 February 2019
    Accepted: 15 March 2019
    Published: 27 May 2019
    Abstract: Introduction: Myeloproliferative syndromes with philadelphia (MPS Ph) chromosome negative are diseases little known in our environment and cause grave neurological sequels. The study aimed to describe the neurological complications of these syndromes. Patients and method: It was a retrospective cross-sectional study carried out on the files of pati... Show More
  • Profile of Swallowing Disorders in Acute Stroke in Brazzaville

    Ghislain Armel Mpandzou, Paul Macaire Ossou-Nguiet, Lopresty Luberde Ngouala, Annette Oball-Mond Mwankie, Prince Eliot Sounga Bandzouzi, Dinah Happhia Motoula Latou, Bébène Bandzouzi Ndamba

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2019
    Pages: 16-23
    Received: 14 March 2019
    Accepted: 8 May 2019
    Published: 30 May 2019
    Abstract: Swallowing disorders are common in stroke and cause significant morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study was to determinate the frequency of swallowing disorders and its impact on the prognosis of stroke, as well as the contribution of the local feeding protocol at University Hospital of Brazzaville. An interventional study was carried out be... Show More
  • Neurological Disease Surveillance in Cameroon, a Rural and Urban-Based Inout Patient Population Study

    Jacques Doumbe, Yacouba Njankouo Mapoure, Theophile Nyinyikua, Callixte Kuate, Katie Kompoliti, Hiral Shal, Bichum Ouyang, Sara Calvo, Abel Fernandez-Sierra, Esther Cubo

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2019
    Pages: 24-30
    Received: 17 March 2019
    Accepted: 17 April 2019
    Published: 31 May 2019
    Abstract: Background: There is a paucity of literature on the burden of neurological diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. Objective: To create a registry and surveillance of neurological diseases from urban and rural health centers in Cameroon. Methods: Retrospective review of medical records of inpatients and outpatients from two urban public hospitals in Douala... Show More